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The Large Adventure of the Tiniest Wizard: The journal of Selbin Wert

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Now that we're on the road to Beregost, I've finally got some time to myself to read.  This is so exciting!  I love new books!  I managed to save a few from the cave where we lost those dragon eggs, so I'm perusing them as we stop to rest.  There are a few that really stand out to me, but among the three that stood out to me, I've only completed reading the Lexicon of Obscene Gnomes so far.  The rest I'll save for when I've got a nice, quiet room.  The Lexicon of Obscene Gnomes have given me some very interesting insight on how my race is supposed to act.  I'm going to try out being more lewd and see where that goes!  That means it's time for my favorite activity: EXPERIMENTING!

*scrawled at the bottom of the page*
Note to self - remember to compile the Butt-Slapping results after experimentation.

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So Beregost was a bust.  Too bad no raiders were coming through; I would've liked to try out some of the stuff I'd learned on our journey.  Oh well.  At least hopefully we can trail the caravan to the camp while staying hidde...

*the journal entry cuts off here, as Kismet paints himself blue and walks towards the caravan screaming something unintelligible about Langdregosa*

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"Wizard tax," Selbin thought as he rode Fluffy out towards the docks.
"This is just compensation for identifying that wonderful little bag for Cyrri."

Today was a good day for Selbin. He got a cool cape, a fuzzy new friend, and a glorious day ahead of him in the port city of Baldur's Gate.

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On the cusp of arriving in Waterdeep, I think I should recap a bit of what's happened recently.

First and foremost, I've met the smelliest person I think I'll ever meet. I love prestidigitation.

Second, there were a few roadblocks on the road that we had to manage, such as multiple ambushes. Surprisingly, the cultists we're tracking weren't the ones responsible directly for any misfortune that befell us. Not surprisingly, our resident druid being careless got him, and by proxy some other members of the party, into deep trouble. I only wish I had been there. The road we traveled seems to be infested with lycanthropes, which would have made excellent research material if studied properly. Sadly, I was too busy being attacked by a cultist to help. However, the trip hasn't been entirely without merit. We've followed the cultists and gotten hopefully closer to out goal of Naerytar, which we still have no information about. And I've got a few new spells to try out, so I'm very excited about that! With some careful planning, I think we'll be able to continue our journey without arousing much suspicion.

All in all, the trip so far has gone off without a hitch. I'm not really sure if we're going to be this fortunate moving forward, but I'm glad we're progressing well so far. I just hope I'm not going to regret this excursion. I've got a lot to do and so little time to do it.

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Finding the undead in a dark, scary bog is one thing.  

I'd expect that.

Finding a mimic disguised as a shield leaning on a tree that the mimic is also impersonating is entirely different.  
I can handle undead.  I get undeath.  Better than most!  But mimics aren't undead.  They're just creepy.  And serve no purpose.  Fuck 'em.

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Accumulating Costs in the Life of Selbin Wert...

Stumbling upon a group of lizardmen: cost Cyrri a few ounces of blood

Roasting all of those lizardmen with a fireball: a level 3 spell slot

Turning over a lizardman village and killing the lizardmen who came to investigate: another couple of spell slots

Discovering the taste for roasted lizardman when all was said and done: Priceless.

There are some things arcane brute force can't acquire. For everything else, there's a shitload of said arcane brute force.

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For the first time in a long time, I've lost someone close to me.  

The pirate didn't matter to me.  The elf, on the other hand, was one of the few decent people I've met since I had a real home.  He was a courageous, albeit stupid, comrade, and he will be missed.  That being said, I'm sure that he would want us to continue forward and take vengeance against the dragons that destroyed his home in his stead.  In that regard, I think we still have his spirit with us.  Hopefully, we don't lose any more on this trip.  I've grown fond of this group, and though only a few that remain, I could not see myself succeeding without them.

They are all worthy companions, some blessed with might, some blessed with faith, and all blessed with courage.  Though I have neither strength nor faith, I hope to have courage enough to continue on with them.  I refuse to let them die at the hands of this worthless cult.

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Our goal is finally within sight.

We know where the treasure is, and we know how to get there. We also know what sorts of defenses to expect. This is far more information than I'd anticipated. Finally, we can get some sort of closure.

We began this campaign with many, and will finish with fewer, but those of us who remain carry the dead with us. We cannot fail after sacrificing so much.

Our assault on this flying keep has got to be unlike anything we've done before. We understand how powerful our foes are, but we can be cunning. We can be smart. And hopefully, we can take our enemies by surprise.

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It's been a long time since I've slept in a bed this nice. It's not even mine, and yet it feels like I belong right here, nestled in this bed. Well, I guess it's mine now.

I feel like I've been running myself ragged. Being in a nice, comfortable room has reminded me of how much I miss having a place to call home. And I know that that's what I'm working towards acquiring now, but sometimes I just feel like packing up and finding a new place to call home. Because it isn't the Lodge. I know that for a fact. Maybe I'll head back to Naerytar and fix it up. But that will have to come later. For now, I'm seeing through this mission.

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