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Sildar's Journal

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Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
Travel with Gundren along The High Road has been uneventful thus far, though my traveling companion has kept the silence away most of the trip. The only time my ears got a break was after he passed out last night. I didn't think it was possible for a person to talk at such a rate. The mine that he believes he has found, in his defense, would be a tremendous discovery. It may even be life changing for his entire clan. I am a bit more apprehensive of his claims. Wind Echo Cave is teetering on the status of myth at this point. Perhaps its my concern for Iarno that has me questioning Gundren's good news and excitement.

It is odd that the old wizard hasn't contacted the alliance. The assessed threat level in Phandalin was medium when we sent him down. Barely above our threshold for sending someone, and Iarno Albrek is a capable wizard. I plan on talking with the mayor of the small town to find out anything he knows.

I really hope Gundren hasn't been talking this much to everyone he comes across. There are all sorts of unsavory sorts out there who would love to take a chance on finding out if he actually found the cave. I suppose he knows that, that's why he requested I come along with him. Time for some sleep, should be able to make Phandalin tomorrow if we ride hard. Not looking forward to running along the Triboar Trail, too many variables on that "road".

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