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Arryn's Entrance

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1 Arryn's Entrance on Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:55 pm


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
Arryn wiped his nose on his sleeve as was his habit as he took in the moss covered old castle in front of him. He was uncomfortably aware of the cold swamp water that reached up to his thighs. There was no way ANYONE lived in this dump way out in the Mere of Deadmen. He was sure there was at least something to clear out of the place to make livable, a giant spider, maybe some squatting Bullywugs, but that was nothing he couldn't handle. Actually it was something he couldn't handle. He shuddered and pulled his robes tight as he thought about it coming forward again to "help him out."

His sleeve went back up to his nose and he idly checked for blood. It only happened after it took control of his body, but just thinking about the evil made him self conscious about a bloody nose. He sloshed forward cautiously toward the castle. There were bodies everywhere. Dead Bullywugs, Lizardfolk, and Giant Frogs. What the hell had gone on here? Maybe this place wasn't as 'clear' as he had hoped but he trudged forward anyway. He barely heard the screams of the Lizardfolk, and only caught a glimpse as he felt himself ripped from him mind.

Arryn woke up with the taste of the Lizardfolk blood in his mouth, a grin on his face, and the evidence of his departure from his body laying around him. He blinked and realized his face was sticky with their blood. Stumbling forward trying to regain his balance after the ordeal of once again being possessed and unpossessed, he walked without blinking. Murmering under his breath, using only his instincts to guide his movement he unconsciously wandered into the basement of Castle Naerytar and into the lives of the Brin, Lalah, Eliak, Selbin, and Medrash.

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