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Rise of Tiamat Mega thread

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1Rise of Tiamat Mega thread Empty Rise of Tiamat Mega thread on Mon Sep 26, 2016 3:19 pm


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
Going to use this thread to keep a running tab of what is going on with everyone's character. That way if you want to coordinate a piece of your backstory you can dig into this and figure out who it would work best with. Keep me updated by posting in this thread if anything copied over is wrong. Use your respective backstory sub-forums to write your backstory. This is just the open area where everyone can see for the character creation process. Also, please check the forums frequently this week since there are lots of moving parts. HAVE FUN!!

Gerard (Nick)
Human. Monk. Grew up in the Neverwinter and raised from an early age as member of the Zhentarim. Both his mother and father were "made" in the organization. Father died while Gerard was young, but no foul play was suspected. His mother took over the day to day runnings of the book keeping for the business that was a front for the Zhent. She is also responsible for the training of assassins and hitmen. She trained her son in the art as well as his older half sister. Turned him loose after his training was complete in order to prove himself to the Z. 

Rhaekor (Dan)
Human. Wizard. Rhaekor never fit in at home. Growing up in the small village of Ulum in Icewind Dale he was surrounded with people that not only knew how to live in the cold icy region but embraced it. Rhaekor was more inclined to being warm and early on figured out how to bend the weave to his will. He used his magical abilities to keep himself warm and subsequently alienated himself after a few mishaps. He left and headed south to warmer climates, living in Waterdeep before eventually settling in Neverwinter. 

The business of the Zhentarim in Neverwinter was in need of a steady supply of potions.  Rhaekor's unique skills in alchemy caught Gerard's attention. They soon began a symbiotic working relationship with Rhaekor making potions and Gerard providing materials and compensation. Over time the two formed a strong friendship.  Gerard even introduced Rhaekor to his sister Gersemi and the two had a son. For reasons unknown to Rhaekor, Gersemi broke of the relationship shortly after their son was born.  Rhaekor remains to this day a part of his son's daily life. Rhaekor doesn't understand why Gersemi broke things off, and hopes that they reunite someday.  Despite the falling out between Rhaekor and Gersemi; Gerard and Rhaekor remain like brothers. 

Rhaekor is trying to keep his son from following in his mother's families footsteps. He is pushing the child to get a strong education and eventually attend a university. Gerard cares for his nephew like a son and is trying to raise it the Z family and teach it protect itself.  The child is currently 9 yrs old.  Rhaekor has nothing against the Zhentarim, he is just hopeful for a better life for his son.  

Last spring Rhaekor received a request from his contacts within the Lords Alliance to deliver a large sum of healing potions to the town of Greenfields.  He asked Gerard to travel with him as it was quite the distance to cover alone. On their travels both realized first hand how large the growing threat of the cult of the dragon was; so naturally both joined the fight. The two distinguished themselves in the ensuing battles and garnered the attention of their regimental leader Brandis Ulinson who recommended them along with a few of the friends to the Council in order to combat the growing threat of the cult across the Faerun.

Draken Stormfall AKA Breeze (Justin) -
Genasi. Sorcerer. Draken was found by his parents, Rehnor and Taha Stormfall. Rehor, a scholar, and Taha, an alchemist, had been hired by a scientific enclave in Neverwinter to investigate a strange grouping of storms and determine if they were magical in nature. Following the storm's slow progress south, they eventually arrived in Berdusk, where they worked with the townsfolk to study the storm. A week after their arrival, the storm dissipated, and Draken was found in a farmer's field. 

Realizing the opportunity for study, and having no child of their own, Rehor and Taha, with the help of <Mann's Parents>, raised Draken as their own. For 14 years, they lived peacefully, until a string of violent storms tore through Berdusk. Crops were flooded, a year's harvest ruined, and poorly constructed buildings were decimated. The village council ordered Draken and his family to leave Berdusk, which they did.

Eventually, Draken and his parents found their way to Baldur's Gate. Draken's parents offered their skills for coin, Draken himself became a street urchin, picking the occasional pocket (never telling his parents, naturally). Together, they scraped a meager, but honest living. Before his 16th birthday, Draken's mother, Taha, was killed in an alley, a robbery turned violent. Together Rehnor and Draken  struggled on. By the time he was 18, Rehnor received a summons from the enclave, a summons that was not to be ignored. When the time came to leave, Draken refused to go. He had grown fond of Baldur's Gate, and thrived in its backways and alleys. They parted on less than friendly terms.

Draken has risen to prominence in a short time, even managing to earn the title of "Merchant Lord", an honor bestowed to very few at his age. He's not afraid to skirt the law to gain the upper hand, as long as it is done wisely. Authorities know of the existence of "Breeze", but are unable to link him to any particular individual.

Mann Flexington (Alex) -
Gold Dwarf. Pugilist.

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2Rise of Tiamat Mega thread Empty The Shop of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Wed Sep 28, 2016 9:58 pm


Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Located on the southern edge of Neverwinter sits a small two story building (50' x 75').  The building faces the East and out front there is a sign that says: The Shop of Extraordinary Gentlemen. When you walk in the front door you enter a large room lined with shelves, beyond the shelves is a long counter that stretches across the entire room from North to South. Behind the counter are doors to a couple smaller rooms as well as a flight of stairs in the center heading up to second level. Looking through the doorway to the smaller room on the North you can usually seen Rhaekor mixing ingredients in what appears to be a very intricate set of vials, pots, hoses and flames. To a normal eye it looks like a complete mess...but if you watch long enough you can see that EVERY piece serves a specific purpose. The room on to the south appears to be full of files, invoices, and shelves of materials. Up the stairs you will find two bedrooms and a bathroom. There is also skinny dark haired young man, roughly 17 years of age that is usually behind the counter or organizing the shelves filled with books and potions. His name is Pozione, and he has been Rhaekor's apprentice since he was 12. His parents were voyagers (Italian dialect) that were killed on sea. The captain of the ship dropped Pozione in Neverwinter, and eventually Rhaekor took him in.  Whenever Rhaekor is away from the shop, Pozione maintains the day to day operations.

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