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Inaugural Episode RAW

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1Inaugural Episode RAW Empty Inaugural Episode RAW on Tue Aug 30, 2016 5:36 pm


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
First Session

A totally RAW audio track cut from our first recorded session. Taking place in the Hunting Lodge of Hoard of the Dragon Queen (Tyranny of Dragons story arc).

DM - John-Paul Klein

Selbin Wert (gnome wizard) - Alex 
Eliak Klendathu (goliath rune-knight) - Nick 
Medrash 'Sprinter' Shestendeliath (dragonborn paladin) - Justin 
Lalah Miaka (high-elf wizard) - Lan

Not appearing: 
Brin Glidrask (human ranger) - Dan

*DM's Note* 
The next episodes will be edited, this was an entirely new try and thus is a raw track to assess my needs for editing. Any feedback is welcome!

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