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Basic description of what Brin plans to bring to the party

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Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Hi All, as you know my name is Brin. Since it appears we won't be going anywhere anytime soon I wanted to provide a brief description of the skills and tools I plan to bring to our party. You all should already know by now that I used to make a living as a woodcarver & bowyer. Once we are out of the mess just let me know if there is something you need crafted that I may be able to help with.

I have substantial hunting experience and am an excellent tracker, so I would be best suited serving as a scout for our group. I will apologize ahead of time if I spend too much time exploring every nook and cranny. A brief example of my stealthiness is that I once snuck up on a deer in the forest and killed it with the blade of my dagger. That being said, I do have a a couple flaws.....one is that I struggle with the darkness. As you can all guess by now that is how we are in our current predicament. I would appreciate it if you would all do me a favor and remind me to throw away my torch next time I am sneaking around a dark area!!!!!! Another flaw of mine is that if I see something rare//shiny///valuable//interesting....I am going to do whatever I can to get it. I wouldn't say it is so much greed....as a keen interest. Ok maybe it is greed.

I suppose that is enough gloating about my stealthiness....lets move on to my fighting abilities. I tend to try keep myself at a distance...I am much more effective from 50-100ft away that I am in melee combat. I also have no reservations about firing my warning arrows into our opponents face. It would also benefit all to know that I am able to maximize my damage if another party member is able to distract our opponents. I am at my best when one of you plate wearers is right up in the face of the enemy...that way I can use my bow skills to get them when they least expect it. I usually can take a couple hits...but I have always had a soft chin so if I am disappearing in combat I am not running...just trying to survive.

One side note I should also mention is there are very few locks I have encountered that I cannot pick. That being said....I also don't really have the patience to try multiple times if I am not successful.

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