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Character Bios

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1 Character Bios on Tue Aug 02, 2016 10:33 am


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
I'd like everyone to put their bio for the game here. I will award TWO rerolls for who ever fills it out! URMAHGURD!!! TO RUROS! yeah... 

So here's what I want

Height - 
Weight - 
General Appearance (any identifying markings, hair/eye color, clothing, beard beads, resting stance, etc) - 
Any sayings that are special for your character (gobbers for arms) - 
Copy and Paste your backstory (the public one not super secret one) - 

**ninja edit**

It would be helpful to put your characters personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws in too. That way its easy reference for the rest of us to see if what you are doing is in character.

**ninja edit end**

Hopefully this will make it an easy reference to get us all to get into character and to visualize the same character.

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2 Re: Character Bios on Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:08 am


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
Name - Arryn

Height - 6' 8"

Weight - 130

Hair - Dark Brown

Eye Color - Blue

Skin Color - Pale

He wears a thin black cloak with a hood that fits baggy on his thin frame. When he gets into combat a magical flickering black armor coats his body. He also has a shield to match it and his longsword flickers in and out of existance. His eyes glow red and he only speaks in Infernal.

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3 Re: Character Bios on Thu Sep 29, 2016 8:00 pm


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
Draken Stormfall

Draken is tall, roughly 5' 11''. Slim and graceful, he moves as though he were the wind itself. His skin is tinted blue, his eyes a light brown. A light silver pattern traces its way along his limbs, which glows faintly any time he casts a spell. Silver hair flows smoothly to his shoulders, almost never still thanks to the near-constant gentle breeze that always accompanies him.

Fond of ornate robes, Draken is almost never found wearing anything else.

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4 Rhaekor Snow on Sun Oct 02, 2016 8:58 pm


Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Height - 5'11"
Weight - 187 lbs
Hair - Brown with tinge of red
Skin - scandinavian white
Clothes - Normal robes are black with crimson stitching. If the weather has dropped below 45 degrees you will normally see Rhaekor with a polarbear hide draped over his shoulders


Human. Wizard. Rhaekor never fit in at home. Growing up in the small village of Ulum in Icewind Dale he was surrounded with people that not only knew how to live in the cold icy region but embraced it. Rhaekor was more inclined to being warm and early on figured out how to bend the weave to his will. He used his magical abilities to keep himself warm and subsequently alienated himself after a few mishaps. He left and headed south to warmer climates, living in Waterdeep before eventually settling in Neverwinter.

The business of the Zhentarim in Neverwinter was in need of a steady supply of potions. Rhaekor's unique skills in alchemy caught Gerard's attention. They soon began a symbiotic working relationship with Rhaekor making potions and Gerard providing materials and compensation. Over time the two formed a strong friendship. Gerard even introduced Rhaekor to his sister Gersemi and the two had a son. For reasons unknown to Rhaekor, Gersemi broke of the relationship shortly after their son was born. Rhaekor remains to this day a part of his son's daily life. Rhaekor doesn't understand why Gersemi broke things off, and hopes that they reunite someday. Despite the falling out between Rhaekor and Gersemi; Gerard and Rhaekor remain like brothers.

Rhaekor is trying to keep his son from following in his mother's families footsteps. He is pushing the child to get a strong education and eventually attend a university. Gerard cares for his nephew like a son and is trying to raise it the Z family and teach it protect itself. The child is currently 9 yrs old. Rhaekor has nothing against the Zhentarim, he is just hopeful for a better life for his son.

Last spring Rhaekor received a request from his contacts within the Lords Alliance to deliver a large sum of healing potions to the town of Greenfields. He asked Gerard to travel with him as it was quite the distance to cover alone. On their travels both realized first hand how large the growing threat of the cult of the dragon was; so naturally both joined the fight. The two distinguished themselves in the ensuing battles and garnered the attention of their regimental leader Brandis Ulinson who recommended them along with a few of the friends to the Council in order to combat the growing threat of the cult across the Faerun.

Rhaekor tends to really enjoy burning cultists...probably too much.
It would be helpful to put your characters personality traits, ideals, bonds, and flaws in too. That way its easy reference for the rest of us to see if what you are doing is in character.

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5 Re: Character Bios on Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:34 pm

Mann Flexington, Pugilist Extraordinaire

Height - 4'8"

Weight - 250 lbs

Eyes - Deep Brown

Skin - Burnished Gold

Hair - Short Brown, almost Black hair

Beard - Thick, but short; About half an inch thick at the chin, but the mustache is a little longer, and curves into a short point on each end

Disposition - Cheery and uplifting, always looking for a good time. Mann's first instinct upon meeting new people is to be as decent of a person as possible, and doesn't stop unless he sees a reason not to. Always one for a drink and a good time, Mann is the first to recommend hitting the bars after a long day of adventuring, and is usually the last person drinking at the end of the night.

Flaws - Mann is a little too trusting of most people. He usually takes what people say at face value and leaves it at that. However, when he is misled or lied to, he takes it very personally, and sees to it that his idea of justice is served.

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6 Gerard Turen on Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:16 pm


Height - 6"3
Weight - 205

Gerard has black hair, shaved on the back and left side, with longer hair swooped over to his right.  His beard is long and beginning to show some salt and pepper.

Green Eyes and White pasty skin (resembling an Irishman)

Gerard walks with a slight limp favoring his left leg. This limp miraculously disappears when in combat...

Monk order Tattoos run up and down Gerard's hands, arms, and legs funneling to a small concentric connection on his chest and back

Gerard commonly wears black twill paints and a black vest with a pocket watch chain made out of silver.  HE wears a long cleave collared shirt rolled up to his elbows that is a variety of different colors, but his favorite is a forest green. He loves having the nicest shoes possible and hates when they get dirty.

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