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Paying for more DnD stuffs

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1Paying for more DnD stuffs Empty Paying for more DnD stuffs on Tue Aug 02, 2016 9:49 am


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
This is not a beg for money post. I feel like i should start it off with that. I'm just going to run down a few costs that I cover for us to play every week. The monthly fee for roll20 is $4.99. This includes the ability for me to upload high res maps, use dynamic lighting and keep all of our character sheets saved. The cost of the maps I buy average around $2.50 a piece. I buy a few token packs here and there to make sure everyone has a token they are happy with representing them. These normally run $5 to $10 depending on the amount of tokens you get. I buy the books for the modules which run an average of $30 conservatively. 

Like i said right off the bat. I am not begging for money, nor do I have a problem buying all of this for us. This is my once a week time to cut loose and have fun with some amazing players. You guys are what makes it all worthwhile for me. I love telling the story, I love seeing the development of the characters, and I love the jokes/memes/shenanigans. So why am I even posting this up? Awhile ago I was asked if there was anyway you guys could chip in. Well this is it. $5 here and there and I'll use the funds to buy stuff for our dnd sessions. Just want you all to know that even if noone donates it wont be a problem. All I want is commitment from you guys to make it seem like all the hard work I do is worthwhile. 

IF you do feel like chipping in a few bucks, heres my paypal link.


Thanks for letting me DM the best group I've ever had Very Happy

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