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Eliak Klendathu Entry number 1

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1 Eliak Klendathu Entry number 1 on Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:31 pm


As the caravan comes to a halt, Eliak stomach grumbling he begins to make fire. Pulling out the last of his salted Ibex meat, he looks for a flat stone. Placing the stone at the edge of the fire he chucks the cut on it. "Damn," he says to himself. "This is the last real meat I will have for a while" subconsciously touching the remaining dried jerky in his satchel. Staring into the campfire, images of his clan flickers behind the yellow flames. As the light dances off the nearby trees he wonders if his fate will be the same upon reaching Greennest. He begins to rub his shoulder, padding the scars from that day. I will honor my clan... he assures himself.

Breaking from his day dream he glances around noting how strangely quiet it has become... It hasn't been this quiet since he met the little one. He grins slightly, unsure which he prefers.

He hopes to himself that humon with the pointed ears can put down the wineskin long enough to swing a sword, hoping that he will be ready when the time comes. What about the one with the blue scales... I will have to keep a close eye on him until I am sure I can trust him.

Removing the great sword from his back, he glances at the Great Maul buried into the ground next to him. Unwrapping the sword from the tapestry, he removes it from its sheath. Grabbing the dragon bone hilt, running his fingers over the inscribed runes, he says softly, "I hope my new traveling companions can fight. If that Kobold was being truthful.... pausing for a moment... Even Dragon's Bane won't be enough to protect Greennest, or this Caravan.

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