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Ayres Thoughts on Sildar's Rescue

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1Ayres Thoughts on Sildar's Rescue Empty Ayres Thoughts on Sildar's Rescue on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:48 pm


Ayres throws the remainder of his supplies onto the wagon that was hastily loaded up with goods from the Bug Bear Cave where Sildar had been freed. He lifts himself onto the cart as well, and settles in against the western rail. He grabs what appears to be a very worn journal with some hastily gathered loose papers from a pocket in his robes. His eyes shift as he whispers under his breath and a pen takes life and begins writing feverishly:

As evening begins to creep over the cave where we found Sildar, I've become concerned with Oghma's plans for myself.
It has become apparent that my God is testing me, for there is no good reason that I cannot remember the name of Gunda(scribbles) Gundren!
My life has been dedicated to the history and practice of knowledge in its myriad of manifestations, yet I cannot remember a simple name?
There must be a reason Oghma is testing such a trivial facet of my own personal memory, but why?
There must be more sinister forces working that are willing to destroy all that our pursuits have yielded! Of course, there must be a harbinger of great importance on the horizon for Oghma to so personally call on my company.
I must take heed of Sildar's travels along the high road with Gas(scribbles) Gundren, for this must be the key to the mystery Oghma has prepared for us.
I wonder if my companions have picked up on Oghma's plans for us, yet? Of course, I'm sure they have; it is all so obvious now...

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