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10/9 Ice to Meat You

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110/9 Ice to Meat You Empty 10/9 Ice to Meat You on Mon Oct 10, 2016 2:18 am


Dungeon Master
Dungeon Master
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DM - John-Paul
Mann Flexington (Dwarf Pugilist) - Alex
Draken Stormfall (Genasi Sorcerer) - Justin
Gerard Truen (Human Monk/Warlock) - Nick
Rhaekor Snow (Human Wizard) - Dan

The part reaches the Sea of Moving Ice to start their search for the mysterious floating plateau.

**DM's note** There will be no session next week due to one of us not being able to make the session. We apologize for the two week wait for the next episode. 

10/9 Ice to Meat You Presen11

sorry about the wrong link! fixed - JP

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