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Former Character Bios

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1Former Character Bios Empty Lalah Miaka on Wed Aug 03, 2016 2:23 am


City Guard
City Guard
Name - Lalah Miaka

Height - 5'7

Weight - 110 lbs

Pale blue skin

Light pink hair, cut bluntly at her shoulders, tucked behind her ears

Green eyes that glint with gold in the light

Small, gold rings coil all along both of her ears

Wears a loose, grey tunic, and loose grey pants, both made of cotton

She smiles a lot


Lalah hails from a high elf city surrounding the Grandfather Tree, where she was once a young physician's apprentice. She is of keen intellect, ever curious, and a bit of a rule breaker. Lalah seeks to meld a modern application of science and a tradition of arcane magic to synthesize a more interesting reality for herself and those around her.

She is currently on a journey that she is certain will lead her to finding her brother, lost many years back. Accompanied by her is one such Brin Glidrask. The two of them, in silent agreement, are currently working in tandem with a shady group of cultists, each for their own reasons, unknown to even each other.

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2Former Character Bios Empty Re: Former Character Bios on Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:29 pm


Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
No one said anything about homework!!!!!

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3Former Character Bios Empty Re: Former Character Bios on Wed Aug 03, 2016 8:31 pm


Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Name - Cyrri

Height - minus 6'

Weight - continually declining

Skin - paler every day

Hair - still growing

Personal Effects - looted and tossed aside

He used to love animals, then he killed them, then he died.


Cyrri was a druid. Cyrri is now dead.

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4Former Character Bios Empty Re: Former Character Bios on Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:03 pm


Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Name - Brin Glidrask

Height - 5'11.5"

Weight - 187

General Appearance - Shaggy shoulder length brown hair, auburn eyes. Small thin scar on my cheak.  I wear dark studded leather armor and always have a long bow and quiver..daggers hanging at my sides.   You can probably tell how long I have been travelling by the length of my beard.  Although my hair is out of control...I try to find a spot to bath daily. I may be on an adventure, but I still cling to some of the niceties of my past. My right hand and wrist have visible scars from that terrible day......

Sayings -  

Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow.

How about I shoot a warning shot into their head.    

Any job, big or small, do it right or don't do it at all.

I walk softly and carry a bent stick.

Backstory - Brin Glidrask's town was burnt to the ground by a black dragon in front of him. Being a bowyer his entire life he had become quite proficient in the use and crafting of such items. He was a pillar of the community and his business brought in travelers to the small town. As the beast attacked, Brin stepped out of his little shop notched an arrow and drew. The perfect shot was mere seconds from being lined up when he heard the snap and felt the sting on his face. The bow string ripped through the nock rocketing the string into his cheek leaving a thin red mark. He looked down in disbelief at the useless days of hard work broken in his hand. The string still notched into the arrow fluttered violently as the dragon's wings blew hot wind past the stunned bowyer. He barely flinched as the heat singed his leather vest and blackened the exposed sleeves of his white cotton shirt decimating his once proud establishment. Why had it broken? It didn't make any sense. The wood had been hand picked out of the Snakewood by that ranger Klevlin. It just didn't add up.

With his lively hood destroyed, Brin set off and left all he knew in his hometown of Triel. His travels took along the edge of the High Moor and through the Misty Forest. He eventually came upon a dense Elvish forest, where he met an interesting Elf named Lalah Miaka. Since that encounter they have been travelling together and eventually infiltrated into a cultist group near Naerytar. Both saw this step as a means to an ends...but neither of them knows what the others end game truly is.

Personality Traits:  I believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right. I can't help it....I'm a perfectionist.

Ideals:  I work hard to be the best there is at my craft

Flaws:  I'm never satisfied with what I have....I always want more.

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5Former Character Bios Empty Re: Former Character Bios on Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:26 pm

Justin M

Bounty Hunter
Bounty Hunter
Name - Medrash Sprinter Shestendeliath

Height - 6' 5"

Weight - 275

General Appearance - Blue scales, yellow eyes. Heavily armored, Sprinter stands with the rigidity of a soldier, his hands never far from the greatsword slung over his back. Etched into his gauntlets are the symbol of scales resting on a warhammer. With his face set in a near constant scowl, and a silent demeanor, Sprinter makes for a grim first impression.

Backstory - On his deathbed, Sprinter's father confessed that he had become involved with a group called the Cult of the Dragon, who paid him to smuggle goods across the Sword Coast. Wracked with guilt, he begged Sprinter to investigate the cult and undo the evil he may have helped foster, as well as clear the stain he had brought upon the clan's honor. He urged Sprinter to begin his search in a town called Greenest.

Personality Traits -
I am tolerant of other faiths/beliefs and respect the worship of other gods.
I prefer to take action, rather than trading words or laying complicated plans.

Ideals -
I always try to help those in need, no matter the personal cost.

Flaws -
I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.

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6Former Character Bios Empty Former Character Bios on Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:58 pm

Name - Selbin Wert

Height - 3' even

Weight - 35 lbs

Hair - Brown

Eye Color - Light green

Skin color - Pale

Notable mannerisms - Being doofy, waving furiously at anyone and everyone, living inside of treasure chests

Backstory - Selbin is, and always has been, a happy guy. Through whatever obstacle he has ever encountered, he has overcome it with a smile. Or at least, he has addressed it with a smile. Maybe his peers didn’t respect him because of his outlandish ideas, but he demanded the respect of those peers at the college of magic at which he studied. His choice in magical school of study may have been a little… concerning, and MAYBE it was responsible for him eventually getting thrown out of the college, but he went on his way with a smile and a friendly attitude. Despite the stigma associated with necromancy, he tries to convince everyone he meets who takes offense at his life’s choices that he is a responsible magic user, which usually goes over pretty well because of his cheery attitude and patient disposition.

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